CineConcert Nosferatu

In the town of Wisborg, estate agent Mr. Knock is pleased to receive a commission from Count Orlok to find a house for him. He dispatches his young assistant, Hutter, to Orlok's castle in the far off Carpathians. He tells Hutter to get him to buy the vacant house just opposite Hutter's own. Hutter arrives at his destination safely and the Count is all too eager to buy the proposed property especially after he sees a photo of Hutter's pretty young wife Ellen. Hutter soon realizes the evil he's dealing with and is locked away while Orlock makes his way by ship to Wisborg.
As Orloc travels to Wisbourg, plague descends in his wake and the people of Wisbourg begin to sense the coming of evil. Hutter eventually escapes Orloc's castle determined to return home as quickly as possible but exhausted and ill, finds himself in hospital. Hutter nonetheless arrives home the same day as Orlok and the townsfolk begin to panic over the increasing number of deaths...

To see Markus Horn's new score live is to experience a whole lot more than merely a piano playing along to a film. Combining elements of classical music, jazz, pop and avant-garde and enhancing them with a large portion of improvisation, this soundtrack creates an entirely unique, fascinating universe. With jazzy grooves, pop harmonies and abstract passages Horn's musical language goes beyond the typical influences of late romanticism, bringing new impulses and fresh sounds to the world of silent film accompaniment.

"(...) the evening belonged to Markus Horn, as he mesmerized the audience with a soundtrack that brilliantly matched the photographic score in creating a dream like atmosphere for the minimalized intertitled narrative. Horn’s intense symbiosis of film and music culminated in a rousing, standing ovation by an enraptured audience at the film’s end. This version of Nosferatu with the Markus Horn accompaniment and a run-time of 94 minutes left the audience wanting more. Much more. An exceptional opening film. Highly, highly recommended."
- Larry Gleeson (Student Films Reviews)

Silent film, Germany 1921
Digitally restored complete version 2006
With new piano soundtrack by Markus Horn
Running time: approx. 94 minutes

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